Current Clients

Grassroots Midwest is Michigan’s First and Only Bipartisan Grassroots Advocacy Firm.  We’re developing a voter data analysis tool, handling Michigan’s Qualified Voter File.

The Animal Placement Bureau is a volunteer foster care network with no paid staff and no sheltering facility. All of the dogs in our care live with our volunteers and become as much a part of their family as their own dogs. We redesigned their website and built paperless forms for handling the adoption workflow electronically.

Kountoupes | Denham provides legislative and regulatory advice and critical insight to its prestigious and diverse clientele whose businesses are engaged in energy and environment, health care, technology, telecommunications, retail, and other important sectors of the U.S. and global economy.

Graphic Sciences, Inc., represents a broad base of highly regarded industry leaders Document imaging and Records Management.  In an effort to help them go paperless, we’ve built a timesheet and productivity tracking tool.

FlockTAG helps college merchants connect with college students. With millions of user transactions, and years of experience working with both campus merchants and academic and private sector data analysts, FlockTAG has created a solution that meets two goals: engaging students with offers they love; and helping merchants increase profitability by eliminating sales cannibalization.  We handle SQL Query optimization driving the reports the merchants see.  We’re also redeveloping their codebase for faster and more efficient access to that valuable consumer data.