Custom Development

We can’t compete with your box products, and we don’t want to. Instead, at State Transition, we help identify what your current programs can’t do, and we build targeted, custom solutions to answer them. Need two financial programs to share invoicing data, and tired of having to do that manually? Let us write you a script that will do that automatically. ┬áIt can save you time and potential errors. Are your spreadsheets getting bloated, and taking up your time building reports? Let us build a database that can build those reports automatically.

Everything we do is about increasing efficiency and showing you a return on investment. We want to give you effective wins as early as possible. Working together, we’ll identify and solve a problem that will have an immediate impact. This will give you a chance to see how we work, as well as giving us a chance to become familiar with you. By working incrementally, we can get our solutions working for you right away.

You are never tied to us. Our code is open source, and well documented. When you’re done working with us, you own the code. Your IT will be able to access and modify and maintain any part of it.