Find yourself buried under spreadsheets?

Always hunting through multiple tabs?

Scrolling through hundreds of rows?

Let us help!

A lot of the redundant work you’re doing could be automated, freeing you up to focus on more important tasks.  We build custom programs made to ingest the spreadsheets and data you’re working with, and transform them into reports and information displays to solve your problems and answer your questions.

Our tools are built on open source software, and can support just about any file format or data type you can throw at us.  They’re also easily modified and can scale along with your business as it grows and takes on new tasks.

Our tools are also fast.  We pride ourselves on writing code to efficiently handle large spreadsheets and larger quantities of data.

A couple examples for the more technical:

  • We processed a 7.2 million record flat-file.  Wrote one row per record into three tables (a total of 21.6 million inserts) in 25 minutes on an AWS server that cost $0.02/hour.
  • We processed a 65 million record flat-file.  Wrote 55 million of those records to a table in 30 minutes on an AWS server that cost $0.133/hr.